Thursday, June 3, 2010

Joey Day 8

Today was a good day to work with him. I got him saddled up and just had him work at liberty in the rd pen. It took a bit of work with him to stay with me, but he finally decided to yeild. Then we went to work on the refining of things. He is just making lots of improvement today, sharper on back up and moving his shoulders over. He is getting fast on moving his hindquarters over. I started sending him down the rail sideways doing side passes and some leg yields. Then it was time to get on and work on lateral and vertical softness at the standstill and then the walk. We also worked on one rein stops and vertical softness at the walk. We did a lot of trotting today as the footing was better. So we just worked on more of the same stuff today. By the time we were done he was relaxed with his hind leg cocked up and his head hanging down. By the way, yesterday I took his weight measurement around his girth again and he was down 100 pounds. I don't know how accurate that tape is or if I had it in exactly the same spot as before, but that is a good sign.

He is actually getting the same feed as my horses.

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