Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joey Day 15

We went to work today. I wanted to make sure I got good riding in so I could work on him following his nose. Well all went well even in the round pen. I sent him over a blue tarp, no problem. We went through all the exercises just briefly to make sure he was paying attention. I rode him in the pen, then we went out. And if you are reading this Judy, he didn't try to get any grass either. We did, however, have the same problem of him not wanting to follow his nose to the right. He does fine to the left, but the right side is his bad side in everything I do with him. Anyway, we went down the road doing the circle esses/serpentine exercises and I pushed him through when he didn't want to go to the right. When we came back we really went to work. I really had to get after him around the yard. After about 5 minutes of going around in circles in various directions then we went down the road again doing the same thing. If someone goes down the road they are going to wonder of the horse was drunk 'cause it is all chewed up from hooves. We got a half mile away and then came back. By the time we got back he was not only getting softer but was responding better to the rein in following his nose to the right. We did a few more when we got back in the yard and I let him relax, flexed him and finished.

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