Tuesday, November 16, 2010

another day

I worked with Buddy yesterday. This was the first chance I got to record it. I warmed him up and then decided to flag him out. He did real good. He did spook some so I let him move sideways on a circle, that makes it difficult for him. I want him to stand relaxed with the plastic bag being waved intensely around him. He did pretty good. Then I got on him and worked him at the walk. We worked alot at his giving me his left side. He hardens up on that side so that was the side that was worked the most. He made improvement on that side though so that was good. I find that he is a good horse, but is kind of like one of those high energy people that are easily excited. If I increase my energy in an exercise, if I cross that 'gray line' to where it is too much for him to handle then he will just seek to get out of there. But if I increase it just a little, but not too much he is able to deal with that. So it is just learning where that line is. I had him trotting on a loose rein and would just pick it up when I wanted something like to yield his head or turn or something like that. His stop is getting better, but his back up needs work, to how I am asking him to stop. Nevertheless, he is coming along nicely.
Camina, was a gem yesterday too. I worked about 15 minutes on the ground and sensed no fiestiness from her. I got on her and went through my paces with her. She did well. We then just worked on moving the hips and shoulders over at the walk and trot. By the time I was finished I picked up the rein at the buckle (meaning at the middle of the rein when it is completely loose) she collected for me and when I sat down to a stop, she immediately stopped and started to back up. I quit the lesson right there. That was the best stop she has ever given me to this point.
Well, gotta get back to work.

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