Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Friday

Had another good morning with Buddy. He didn't need that much of a warmup to see where he was at mentally. He was with me right off the bat. So I got mounted and started working him at the walk. He was getting real relaxed and soft. He was actually beginning to carry his head real low, almost as if he was doing a western pleasure class. Once I got him to where he was real soft laterally and following his nose real good, then I asked for a trot and he went right into it. So we just started all over at the trot until he was real soft. He even cantered for me a couple times with no problem, just a nice soft lope. We worked on some disengaging and moving his shoulders over. I want to start him on really giving to my leg pressure and knowing exactly what the rein means. I think he is going to do real good. He is nice to ride, but he still gets his head up and resists on the left rein so we still have some work to do with him. I think he needs his teeth floated 'cause he really is mouthing the bit. I look foward to working him again.

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