Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Finally, I am able to get on here. Since Monday I have not been able to do much with my internet because it was having troubles. So I better catch you up on what is happening.
Buddy did a great job on Monday. He was nice and soft for me. He has a bit of an attitude sometimes, kinda stubborn. He still doesn't like pressure on his left side, that could be his teeth. However, the softer I am with him and if I add a light touch with my inside leg he will shape up and move nicely for me. We had a good 45 minute ride where we did everything from disengaging the hindquarters to just shaping up with collection. I want to get him to really yield well to my leg on his hip or shoulders so we will be working on that in the future. I also want to get him to stop throwing his head up and his nose out front so much. So we will just keep working on things. I didn't have a lesson with my normal client on him this week so I went right to work on Camina.
She did well for me in most of the areas that we go over. She really wanted to go in the beginning again. So I worked her until she was willing to slow down so that we could work on something constructive. When she did I started working hard on her yielding to my leg and giving me some leg yields and side passing. Sometimes you just have to get the horses attention in order to make some progress. Well, you have to have their attention in order to do so. Anyway things seem to be going along nicely with both horses. the progress is just slow and steady.
Hope to ride sometime tomorrow on my own horses. But with family coming over I don't know if that will happen or not.
Looking forward to the the family time and the food.
God bless,
Have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

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