Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday's ride

Today work with Buddy and Camina went good. Buddy was real responsive for me. He did most everything I asked of him. Oh, he needs alot of work, but he is getting softer and softer each time I work with him. I had him warmed up and even had him standing still when I cracked my whip. He didn't at first, of course, but after some time I was able to get him to stand quiet.
You know the thing about a horse is that each one has their own personality and own set of issues to deal with. With him it is not getting too intense. I have found that the softer I am with him the softer he is, the easier he gets. If I am not balanced or if I don't let the rein loose some, he lifts his head and gets out of balance. For example, when I stop him and backup if I pull hard on the reins all he wants to do is pull against them. But if I ease up on the rein and get real soft, almost to the point where there is just an ounce of pressure, he relaxes, rounds up and will stop and back. That is completely opposite of what most of us do when we ask the horse to stop. But that is what he understands.
Camina on the other hand, who I rode today too, wants to just go. Thus, for the first 5 or 10 minutes her head is in another place. She only wants to move. So I let her go, but I direct her feet. Then when she has a change of heart, I start working with her on the things she needs to learn. She is doing good for me and is making slow, but sure progress. We get to start again on Monday.

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