Tuesday, November 2, 2010

great day to ride

I had a splendid opportunity to ride a little bit this evening. I was waiting for Sharon to get home so we could go vote and decided to ride. I only had about 45 minutes per horse but that just forced me to ride focused and specific. So I got Raven out first and warmed her up then started just refining the rein connection to her feet even more. I wanted her straight but still yielding her hip or shoulder when I asked. I kept working at it, having to go back to the baby steps of the beginning by asking for one step and so on. But she did real well. Toward the end I think I could have taken the bridle off and worked with her, because I wasn't using it for the most part anyway. There is something about getting on a horse that responds willingly to my leg or seat after riding horses that don't respond that way.
I got Jake out too and went through some of the same exercises. He isn't ready for bridleless yet, but he is getting better. They are both a pleasure to ride, I only wish I had more time to spend on them and really work on some things with them.
But hopefullly tomorrow afternoon I will get some time to ride them again.

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