Friday, May 13, 2011

Ceasar day 7

Sorry Lisa, I was supposed to get this on last night and was too tired.
Well, I went through Ceasar's exercises right off, to stretch his back. He likes those carrots. Then I put the saddle on him and actually didn't think he would buck, fingers crossed, but he did. I shut him down and moved him in the other direction. After a few minutes I took the halter off him and just had him move around the pen. I would like to see him carrying his head to the inside more, but his ear is on me. Then when I ask for him to yield and turn towards me he would do that better. So we are working on that. I did several direction changes with him and he was staying right with me. I took my stick and while he was standing with me just flogged him with kindness. I would crack and slap the ground and when he moved off I let him run  a few laps then asked him to come to me and he did. We just repeated that process until he would stand next to me and rest while I did whatever I wanted with the whip. I then had him start disengaging and moving his shoulder over, Reis's million dollar move, with nothing attached to him. By the time we were done he was doing that real good. I also wanted to move him forward and have him stay with me and when I pulled his eye towards me he would follow. He did pretty good at that. A few times he ran off and I just made him go a little longer then brought him back to me. I also worked on his walk>trot>walk transitions until he was doing pretty consistent at that. I got him much better at his backup as well. I just keep changing it up between these exercises so that he doesn't get bored with them. This is punctuated by periods of rest with me. I also decided I would take the saddle off him and then put it back on to see if he would buck after that. I did notice that he didn't want to stand still for it too much. So I repeated this 3-4 times, I forget exactly. But he wasw better each time. I think he thinks that when I want him to move off he has to canter right away, but he still has that little bunny hop. He seems to be getting a little better at not doing that once he gets going. I think it will take a bit of time for him to realize he doesn't have to hop because of the pain anymore when he goes into a canter. I also worked on his flexion and doing a turn on center several times. I thought he did real good and hopefully when I work with him later today he will be even better. I will let you know.

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