Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New horse

I know it has been a while since I wrote on here. I have another horse to write about.
His name is Caesar, a 4yr old Qtr horse. He has had some handling in the past and comes to me to get farther down the road and to have some more handle put on him.
I woke up to his antics this morning. He broke through my fence and was grazing on the grass in the yard by the barn. But he is an easy catch thanks to his owner.
I got to work with him at noon today and this is the first time I had to set this down on the computer.
I put him in the round pen and just wanted to see how what he knows. I brushed him out and then started him moving. I was looking for him to want to stick with me. He didn't. I moved him and made him change directions alot. I was looking for both eyes on me each time he turned and then for ear on me, licking of lips etc. He was sweating alot and really huffing but in 25 minutes he was hooked on to me pretty good. I cracked my whip and flogged him softly with it all over while he stood there. There were times when he moved off and I just let him and then had him catch me again. Then I wanted to see how he did at giving to pressure. At first he didn't seem to want to at all, but within a few minutes he was lowering his head to the ground and holding it there. It shows that he has been worked with some. I also wanted to see where he was at with desensitizing him. He handled a tarp and my noisey bag pretty good. There will be more of that. I then moved on to disengaging his hindquarters and moving his shoulders. He didn't know what that was all about so we worked on both for a while. Then worked on sending him and changing directions which incorporates the disengagement and the moving of the shoulders. I want his feet to move where I put them. He will get there. He is a fast learner. He didn't back up very well for me so we worked on that too. I want him to read me when I ask for a back up with out having to send much energy down the lead rope. I used my clothesline method with the tarp on the lead rope as he was being lunged and he handled that fine too. By the time we got all done with those things it was time to quit. Stay tuned. By the way, he is in his stall for the night tonight.
He seems to be adapting to his new place pretty good too. I will put pics on when I get the chance.

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