Friday, May 27, 2011

down the road

This is day 16 for him.
He only took 2 minutes to catch me today. I think He must be real sensitive, because if I stand up and have him move around me he keeps moving, but if I squat down he will come sooner. So today, I did both. I squated down and then when he came to me I stood up and he moved off. I remained standing and just let him move around me and like I said the whole thing only took 2 minutes and he hooked to me. I walked around daring him to leave and when He wouldn't I put the halter on and down the road we went. I did lots of he falling leaf as we moved down the road. Cars and busses went by they didn't seem to bother him any. A dog came out at us, but we kept after the dog and kept right on moving. We turned around at the first corner and came back.
Back in the round pen he let me saddle him, only tried to move once. After that was done I walked him around careful to not get run over if he started his bucking. Then when I sent him out on the circle he humped up a few times. We did the falling leaf and then he settled down.
I then got the bridle on him and the long reins and ground drove him for several minutes. He did get a bit frisky with that, but nothing that was too bad. We did several direction changes, some leg yields, backups and stops. Then I got on him and had a good ride on him. I rode him around changing directions and going from walk>trot>walk several times and actually kept him in a good trot for several minutes changing directions and staying in the trot.
Then I asked for canter and he gave it to me. He threw his legs back a few times, but then straightened out. He gave me a canter all he way around and I gave him a big rest in the middle. Then I did it in the other direction until he gave me a good canter all the way around and gave him another big rest.
I did several disengagements with stops and backups then we quit for the day.

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