Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 10

This was a good session tonite. I did his exercise and then brushed him and saddled him. He did improve on the standing to be saddled a little bit. He didn't buck, though he did move right out pretty fast. I moved him around the pen some and waited for him to start asking to be near me. Then I did some exercises with the halter on him. He is doing pretty good. I spent about 30 minutes on his back tonite just working on forward motion. He really has sticky feet, which is not a good thing. I want him to willingly move out. I gotta say one thing though. He is really soft. I had him shaped and collected at the walk several times. He disengages easily and I even got some leg yields out of him. He responds to my cue to walk from a trot real easy and then to a stop. The problem is he doesn't want to go without alot of coaxing him to move out. He has a nice trot if I can keep him in it. He does better going to the left than the right. That might be because of that shoulde injury he had. He got to a point where I was asking for a trot going to the right and he tried to buck, and then kick out and then to rear a little, but I kept driving him forward and when he settled down I let him go down to a walk. He is starting to slow down and stop with my seat cue. So that is an advantage with this type of horse. I flexed him alot and he is getting soft. His vertical softness is even better. That is what I finished with. He is also touchy about touching his groin area so I worked on that some as well.
Everyday he is making improvements that is what I am looking for.

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