Wednesday, May 11, 2011

day 6

tonite finds me with not alot of information. Yesterday the Chiropractor found several issues with Ceasar that she took care of and gave me some exercises to do with him in order to stretch out is topline. So we have done that today. He is on light duty for another day. Today, I began the session with the stretching exercise. Then went to the round pen and moved him around. I wanted to see how he is moving. He hooked on within 5 minutes. I then put the halter on him and lunged him. He is doing well. Today was a refining day. He is much better at disengaging, moving his shoulders and his back up. I worked on his flexion and made some improvements there. I think because he is freed up in his neck to be able to bend freer. Then I wanted to work on transitions from walk to trot and back down. He usually just wants to trot. So I worked on this for the last several minutes of the session today. Before we were done I had him walking then moving to a trot then to a walk in both directions. It wasn't always pretty, but it still worked. Tomorrow I will work on that some more. I also had him following my feel by throwing the loop over his rump and asking him to follow his nose turning a circle following the lead rope. He does this with the slightest feel. We ended the session with his stretching exercise. I should also add, that he still hops when he goes into a canter, but hopefully he will bet better at understanding that he can do it more fluidly.
Til next time.

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James T. Stephens said...

A good job,Jeff. This looks like it will take some time. Dad