Wednesday, June 1, 2011

day 19

Ok, today I tried something new. I got in the pen and as low key as possible let him catch me, put the halter on him and pad and saddle, doing the same as yesterday. Today when I sent him off he went to bucking just briefly. I sent him faster and then changed directions on him. then I got on him and rode him around. I wanted to work on softness so that is what we did, lots of circle esses and then asking for the vertical softness. He got real soft at the walk. then we moved up to trot and worked on it til he was good and soft there. Then I got off and took him out to the front yard to get him ready to go down the road. So we worked out there doing the same things. I had to fight with him some 'cause he wanted to eat grass, but I kept him moving and giving softness to me. He got real good. Even better at the backup with softness. I led him down the road about 100 yards and worked on the way there and back just doing stops, the falling leaf exercise, etc. Then took the saddle off and let him eat some tall grass for 6 or 7 minutes and then quit him.
Tomorrow we are trying something new but old. I will tell you what happens tomorrow.

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