Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 23

Today was basically a repeat of yesterday only I could tell he didn't want to deal with me today. It was really hot. I have to say though, he came around to my way of thinking real fast. I didn't want to get him all worked up because of the heat. Anyway I did the flanking out and such. I put the saddle on and he did his usual, but I kept shutting him down and tying to get him to calm down. I think he still doesn't know how to go on the circle slow. He seems to think he has to go fast. I got him to slow down though. I got on and rode for a good while, just working on soft and forward in his movement. I am starting to teach him what my legs mean so he was getting confused, but that will come with time and consistency. I quit him and then spent alot of time rubbing in the girth area and behind his withers. He didn't like some of that at first but he soon relaxed and gave a big sigh. I know that he has a lot of sensitivity in the girth area so we just have to help him work through this. I am confident he will. It was a good session for us both.

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