Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 26

I am writing this on Sunday morning. I rode him yesterday, but time didn't permit the log. Have the grandkids now.
I got him ready and had to move him around a bit, but he settled down quickly and let me saddle him. I did about 40 minutes of ground work with him working on everything. I spent alot of time moving him in a sidepass along the rail, all the way around the pen, because he wanted to play his game. So I just made him move sideways. He does that pretty good. I really want his back up good to so we worked that. I also want his disengagements really soft so we worked on that. Then I got on him and wanted to get good forward movement. I only had to use my crop a few times and then it was no longer a problem to get him to go forward. I also wanted to work on collection at walk and trot. We spent most of our time on that. I rode him about 40 minutes too. I worked on getting his butt to move over too, getting therein connected to his feet. He is getting better and better at that. We also worked on getting his shoulders to move over.
So, we were getting forward, flexion, disengagement, vertical flexion, backup, worked a little on leg yields, counterturns/moving his shoulders. We are not at half pass yet, but we are getting there. And of course his stop.
I had him cantering a lot too, but I want that softness in him instead of his head high and out of balance. I may or may not get this by the time he goes home.
It was a good time with him.

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