Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 29

Yes, this is the second post today.
I wanted to get the ride in before all the rain. I wasn't successful. It didn't rain hard, but enough that I put my rain jacket on.
To start with he wasn't the most eager to workout today. He didn't want to stand and be brushed. Can't say as I blame him. I didn't really want to work in the rain either, besides it was lunch time.
Well, I made him move around doing all the exercises with him for about 15 minutes, then asked if he would like to stand while I brushed him. He didn't have a problem with that. I went ahead and saddled him too. He didn't like that. I ended up stirring up some dust, his choice, not mine. However, we got some good work done sidepassing down the rail, leg yielding across the pen, falling leaf around the pen, lots of intense backups. It was a good workout and he changed his mind about wanting to get all tied up in a knot.
Then I got on him. He did real good. He is getting real soft. I still have some work to do getting the reins connected to the feet, but we are getting there. We walked with softness and then trotted both directions maintaining softness through the transitions. Then I started to work on leg yields. It took some time to get it going to the right, but going to the left he is much better. Then we went back to going forward and even got into cantering with softness. He did it pretty good for only the second day. I wanted to work on sidepassing or 1/2 passing down the rail so we worked on that in both directions til he would give me a couple steps then we worked on going forward a bit. Did some backups and then went back to the rail for side pass. When he gave me some good steps about 8' then we quit.
good session rain and all.

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