Friday, June 10, 2011

day 25

Had a good ride with Ceasar today. He had been worked by Lisa earlier in the day and that went well according to her. I had him following me all over and then put the halter on and rubbed him a bit and put the saddle on him. I didn't flank him out at all and he was good with it all. I then calmly moved him around at a walk. As long as he stayed next to me he was fine. I gradually moved him out farther from me and that is when he starts to get nervous. But we worked through things. He just thinks, for some reason, that I want him to move fast when he gets out on the circle. It may be that he is afraid or something, so we just brought it back in and did some sideways on the circle to get him to calm down. I spent the last 30 minutes riding him. He is getting buttery soft. It is amazing what a short piece of hose used gently on on his butt will do to get him to go forward faster. I didn't have to use it much and that was just a little rub. Then we were really able to work on collection at the walk and trot. I even had him working on leg yields and counter turns. We will build off of this from here on out.

I got off and rubbed him down and he was real relaxed with me. The way I like it.

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