Friday, September 9, 2011

The big test

Everyone has to take a test once in a while, Even me. I gave myself a test to see what we could accomplish in what amount of time. So we stared from Round penning, only I did it at liberty, no lead and no fence. I first got her walking with me in a circle then up to a trot. I got four laps then turned her in and went the other way. Only I started at the trot and lost her. She ran to the other end of the pen. I go her back after two or three attempts, took her around at the walk then up to trot and then yielded hindquarters, shoulders and a backup. That was a combination of almost all the fundamentals gw and we did it at liberty. I had to help her with being consistent at giving me two eyes. She protects her left side. Then we went to intermediate and did all but the line driving. this took about 30 minutes. Then I rode her and boy did she do great at flexion and softness in bending at walk and trot. did I mention I did all that without using the rein. It was all leg and seat. We even did some of the other exercises, yielding HQ and FQ turning, etc. all with just my leg. Oh, also stop and backup. We did the sidepassing and half passing, only didn't use a fence. We also worked on haunches in, bending with vertical flexion, draw to a walk. I did all this and then quit her and it was under an hour. Wow. I had a great time and made good progress. Now comes some line driving and getting some of the other riding exercises in order.
I Think I passed the test, even if I am the one who made up all the questions. HaHa.

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