Sunday, September 4, 2011

Working with Raven.

Had a good time Raven yesterday. I started with quick review of foundations gw. Then went on to intermediate. 1. Changing sides- which is simply standing by her head slipping your hand under her chin and bringing her head around so that she changes sides without you moving your feet. 2. Run up and rub - standing at end of lead and running up to her head letting the lead slide through hand. She is supposed stand still when you do this. It took her several tries over two days but I could do while waving vigorously a stick and bag at her and she stood still. The point is to get her to do this withvarious tools from different directions moving to her side. 3. Desensitizing to plastic bags. She does well. 4. Slap and tap where I rythmically slap her all over her body and she stands still. She did that good. There were a few more we worked through. Out of the 16 gw exercises we know all of them. I think. We also did riding :'bending which she is getting good at. She does ok at vertical. And she yields the hindqtrs, foreqtrs, leg yields, side and half passes, so we know most of the 17 riding exercises. Out of the 60 exercises in the levels she knows 55 of them for sure. We have a good head start.

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