Friday, September 9, 2011

just a second

The other day I was dying, not literally you understand, to get out and work with Raven. I am slavingly trying to get through all the intermediate exercises so I can move on to the advanced ones. However, I only had a second, ie. 20 minutes or so. So I got the halter out checked the exercises I, specifically, wanted to work on and went to work. I set my timer and started up. While it was fast and furious it was also very productive. We were able to move through the exercises 1-12 in that amount of time and that is doing each exercise 3-5 times on both sides with good movement and mini-breaks in between. The last three I haven't had time to work on yet, they are 14. Line driving, I have done this before, just not lately, not even in the last year with her; 15. circle driving transitions on the long line; 16. bridle bending: forward around/yield the hindquarters/yield the shoulder/backup; I haven't seen how he does this last one, but I think it is sending her forward, getting a good, soft yielding of hindquarters fluidly moving through to a yield the shoulder, then fluidly moving to a backup without stopping in between moves. She does this just fine.
So in 20 minutes we got all this accomplished. If you stay specific and on task you can get alot done in a short amount of time. Try it in anything you do and see if that is not right.

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