Friday, September 2, 2011


Well I got started on the intermediate lessons with Raven today. It was only the groundwork stuff but I wanted to make sure I don't miss anything in the foundations. So we went through all the foundations 14 exercises for Ground work (GW) then I wanted to work on the bending and transitions in bending. She knows the rest of the riding portion real well. She did a splendid job at the bending at the walk, then we bumped up to a trot and she did real well at this too. I found the key is to keep the forward motion and not let her resort to stop and just moving her shoulders over. But we worked on this for a little over 10 minutes but I had to quit 'cause other things were scheduled.
I am anxious to move her on to the other lessons to see what I have missed. I will let you know what the GW exercises are in the next post.

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