Friday, May 4, 2012

continuing fundamentals

I have had my horses out twice this week. Once with Jake I worked in the rd pen and man did he do good. His turns were sharp and crisp with snappiness to them. He got better even yesterday when I had him working. We got out in the field to go through the other exercises for refinement and the riding and all was pretty good. It really is more me than him. Yesterday we worked on softness, bending and leg yields. By the time we were finished he was sloppy wet with sweat, I wasn't much better. He did a good job.
Then last night I got Raven out. Her rd pen was not as sharp as Jakes so we had to work a little harder there. But when she came around and got with the program we went to the field and worked on circle driving and the like. When I got on her, she is so much better riding than Jake, she jsut was so smooth. She wanted to canter in the cruising exercise so we did for about 4 or 5 times around the field which must be a mile or so. Her softness came to her nicely and we started practicing bending, leg yields, etc. I was mostly using my legs and seat rather than reins. She responds pretty good to them. I want to use reins just to position her and have her legs be an extension of my legs. Problem is that I don't have the time to ride her hours on end. So it is taking longer.
Tomorrow, Saturday, I have a horse coming that I will be riding for a couple weeks. So life is going to get busier for me in the horse arena.

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