Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today's sessions were insightful for me. I worked with So Grand first. I again played with some padding to shim up the saddle. Then saddled him. I worked him a bit from the ground first. Then I got on and started to move him around. I wanted to get up to a canter today. I had no problem with the walk or trot going to the right, but to the left still there is resistance. I even got him up to canter once going right, but he immediately bucked. I continued to try to get him to move, but there is much resistance. So when I finally got off and took the saddle off I examined him and am convinced it has to do with the mechanics of the saddle and his back. He such a sway back I have not found a way to shim it high enough so that it does not bother his withers. He was real sensitive there. He will trot and canter without resistance on the ground, but not under saddle. So I have to figure something else out. My dad helped with this dynamic too as he was able to get the horse into a canter by compelling him forward from the fence. Moon did well too. I put the bit in with no problem and started to ground drive him. It wasn't too long and was relaxed enough to start asking for some changes of directions with the rein. We had some mild hiccups, but he soon calmed down and started to offer changes of direction and would even stop for me in a calm manner. So we worked on change of direction using the rein and when he was real calm with them I let him quit.

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