Friday, June 21, 2013


This was day 29 of their training. I used Moon first. I got him saddled with no problems and then moved him around a bit. Put on the bridle and started to circle drive him with the long lines. He made a lot of improvement. There were still some issues, but he settled down much quicker and started to do some turns much better. Then I got on him and rode him with the bit. I wanted to get him really soft. He is still resistant, but is making improvement in that area too. I could only get him into a canter once and then he would not do it. But he would trot and walk and give me those transitions. He did pretty good all in all. So Grand it was decided I would not ride him because of sore withers. So I introduced the bit to him. After saddling and playing with the pad again. He does what I want from the ground without resistance. Anyway, I put the bridle on him and really didn't have a problem with it, though he played with it a lot. I flexed him several times and then put the long lines on and lunged him just with the bit. I didn't start driving him yet but hope to next time.

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