Thursday, June 6, 2013

third ride

Moon was real good today. I got him saddled up and took the halter off and sacked him out with all my toys and he did real good. I had him going over the tarp in different places in the rd pen. It was kind of magical to me, because I barely had to move in order to get him to YH and YF and move forward across the tarp and repeat. It was as if he could read my mind about what I wanted him to do. Then I put the halter back on and flexed him and did what is called 'bridle bending' where I do circle driving but using the halter as a bridle I bend him on the circle and then YH and back up. He did excellent on both sides. I got on him and away we went riding around the arena doing one rein stops and circles. I would bend him to the inside a few times and then to the outside and switch directions. I got him into some good trotting. I could only get a short canter out of him. But at least we got some. I will try for more when I work with him today. So Grand didn't want to be saddled. So it took a minute to do so. Then I took the halter off. Now one thing I did differently was to put the flank cinch on the second hole not the third as before. So he wasn't snugged up on the belly as tight. So when I moved him off he didn't offer to buck. I got the toys out and we went to work. I ended up putting the halter back on him because he needed the support. I was trying to approach him with the noise bag in a very soft way, but he would not stay. So after several combinations of tries I decided to help him out. It was what he needed. As soon as I put the halter on he stayed no problem. I could even throw the bag up on him with its noise and he didn't move. He could've but he didn't. The tarp I had to work with him on to go over it. I keep putting it in different places and have to work through them as if it is something new to him. But he eventually got it. Then I had him crossing the tarp in the middle of the arena and then crossing the bag stretched out with the noise bag so he would cross one take a few steps and cross the other. He eventually got it. When he was nice and relaxed doing that I made up my reins and got on him. We walked and trotted around as before and tried to get a canter out of him, but to no avail yet. He will get it though. I know once I go to their paddock a canter won't be a problem. It is just to wet and slippery yet from all the rain. My next step is going to be driving them to put a directional control on them. So we will see what happens today. Callie went home yesterday. I am sure he is a much happier horse being back with his buddies. Thanks to Kathryn his owner for letting me ride him for 3 weeks.

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