Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Moon went first. I saddled him and then worked him at liberty again. Started with tarp. In one part of arena it was no problem. But when I moved it to the other side by the wall he did not like that. But after a few minutes he did it was not a problem. Then I sacked him out with bags. I put halter back on and backed him up. Went through changing sides and turn and go with him. I didn't ride today because I forgot my boots and only had tennis shoes on. I don't like to ride like that. To Unsafe especially on a green horse. So Grand offered a different take on things. I saddled him and he got rather excited, not really bucking, but because I had the tarp and bags laying around the arena I think that added dimension stirred him up a bit. He soon settled down thought with several direction changes. Then I just started sending him around the obstacles (bags and tarp). I ended up really just working to get him to calmly go over each of those things at a calm walk. That took some doing. The tarp was not that hard, but the black back and noisy bag were different. After we got through those things then I flexed him and did a lot of YH and YF, changing sides, stirrup driving with him. I found that with him if I work him hard for about ten minutes flowing from one exercise to another he becomes a different horse. He will follow me, even seek to be with me wherever I move to. So we did have a very valuable lesson today. Callie, got his last ride by me. We went down the road at a better pace than we have. It was still a walk, but faster. I found with him that he is easily distracted and so I need to keep his attention on me by asking for softness or bending, etc. I don't let him go for very long before asking for something or he will be going his own direction. He definitely has equine A.D.D. We went around the block and came back the power line. We did a little cantering, but mostly walk or trot. He is a good horse, just needs a little greasing up in certain areas.

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Maxwell Smart said...

Would love to get back on a horse again!

Noticed your Bible search on right, & are the best.