Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, I just came in from working with Raven. Had to try out the new stuff I learned at the Reis clinic. I go to those to pick up little tidbits of info that have to do with the details that make things work or not work. For example, not using the rein unless you have to. So tonite I worked mostly on stopping Raven with my seat not using a rein at all and not using collection as a way to balance her. After umpteen tries where I had to just lift the rein slightly and using the fence as an added incentive to stop we started to make progress. So that now she is beginning to listen to my seat, when I quit riding she begins to stop. The incentive for her is she doesn't have to back up as far or as fast. I really tried hard to not use the rein much at all. It was just a calm ride. At the end of which I worked on getting her to kneel. She did well and is almost ready to start getting on her when she kneels. I still have to stretch the time she is down enough in order to put my foot in the stirrup and swing my leg over before she gets up. She is not there yet, but she will be. Tonite we even did some moving of Jake around from horseback.
I am praying and thinking about getting into doing sermons on the mount at different churches and places. I am going to meet with Chad Coppess of Paradise Ranch, who does this now, in October to discuss this. I will probably attend some of his sort of as an apprentice and there are a couple of churches that might give me an opportunity to do so.
As far as I know I still have the horse coming on Thursday to begin to work with.
gotta move on for now.

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