Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well for those who are interested Haycee left on Tuesday evening after a good training session both with me and then later with Felice. My estimation of this horse is that if Felice will keep up the lessons and use a bit more assertiveness Haycee might just turn out to be a solid horse for her. If she doesn't then Haycee will just revert back to her old pushy self. No fun to be around or ride. So as for me I am back to riding my own horses and what fun. It is like getting into a luxury car everytime I ride now. Both are making good progress in terms of lightness and betting away from using the rein so much and just using my legs and seat. The work at liberty rather than in hand is going good too. I can move both without lead rope from ground and get them to flow into movement whether it be disengaging, sidepass or leg yield or just moving the shoulders over. There really is nothing like having this kind of connection with my horse that it is almost like she can read my mind. I'm loving it.

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