Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I counted them up, this is the last day of my training with Haycee and Felice, as far as I know. I have learned alot with this horse. We had a good session on saturday and Monday with Felice riding Haycee and becoming much more confident on the ground and in the saddle. But it was the ground work that provided the foundation for her confidence in the saddle. We didn't go for a trail ride on Saturday because it was better to just let her ride in the round pen. She did so for a good hour, working on forward motion and one rein stop and disengagement. Then yesterday she really got the idea of lunging Haycee and getting more assertive with her. Haycee acted up, even trying to kick her because she was asking for her to move into a walk from a stop. This was after working with her for a little while. So Felice really got after her and guess what? Haycee started responding more willingly and faster to her cues. This also taught Felice how to lunge better. Then when she got on her back things went better too. She was able to move her and disengage her better than before and even keep her going when she wanted to stop or slow down. Felice is becoming a better rider and Haycee a better horse. Why, because of the discipline of working regularly with her and because of more assertiveness on Felice' part. As she learns to make her cues mean something, she will be able to back off from the intensity of them.
You know it is the same in our walk with the Lord or when we are trying to mentor another believer or children. You have to make your cue mean something by enforcing it with a proportionate 'bite' in order to be able to be softer later on. The Lord loves those He chastens the Bible says. So also if we love our neighbor or child it might mean that we have to hold them accountable to some discipline, like bible reading, cleaning the room, etc. Just everyday obedience. If a rider doesn't make it easy for his horse to obey him then things could get out of hand and even dangerous. But this has to be done in a process sort of way. To me it being a servant to whomever, as the Lord demonstrated and in a sense earning the respect that leads to their obedience. That is whether you are speaking of children or a horse. You can't really strong arm a horse and the reality is that you cannot strong arm a child or another person to get a willign response of obedience. it takes a meek hand, one that is strong yet gentle. Strong when needed, because the gentle hand doesn't work. But use a gentle, soft touch at the start and let the horse or child tell you by their actions if a stronger hand is needed. Then go back to the soft touch. This horse I have been working with has needed a strong hand, but I notice everyday after I use a strong hand once or twice on her she is very quick to respond to a softer feel. I think that is how the Lord works with us. You might read Leviticus 26:14-46 to find out for yourself.
As I have learned sometimes you have to get harder with your cue in order to get softer later on. But I have also learned that it usually happens rapidly.
I will let you know in my next blog about Haycee. She will be going home a different horse than when she came that is for sure.
See ya!

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