Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well Haycee did pretty good today. It was the first time I worked with her for just an hour. We went through the dailies and then lunged her to see what her attitude was regarding transitions. She did good. So I rode her. She moved out at the walk real good and at a good pace. Then she wanted to trot and canter so this time I let her move out because she has sticky feet. But this time when she wanted to stop I wouldn't let her. Then when I decided to I let her slow to a walk. Then we just worked on walk to trot to walk. She was doing good. We did this about 20 minutes or so then because she was doing good I asked for a canter. It took a bit but she gave me a few strides then slowed down and I accepted that. At least she was giving it to me without pitching a fit. So we did this in both directions. By the way, I didn't use my legs to get her to move either. I just used kissing to her. After another 10 minutes I stopped her and flexed and then got off. I flagged her out and used a tarp to desensitize her to them and she stood relaxed for both of them. She is in some respects rock solid and in others she has attitude. Her canter feels different to me. Maybe she hasn't done alot of cantering with someone on her back, because from the ground it looks real smooth. I also have concluded that I don't think she is really trying to buck. I think she is trying to find her balance. So I could be impeding that or my saddle. Anyway when I work her today I will consider those things.
On a side note. Sharon and I went and watched Sara and Brook skydive last night. that was cool. It was his 30th bday. So Sara surprised him. He wasn't expecting it so had to work it out mentally. He was a little nervous, not wet shorts kind of but almost. It was funny, but of course I wasn't the one going up. Anyway it was interesting and looked like fun. But don't know if I want to do that.

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