Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a good day. I go to ride Jake a bit tonite among other things. He is getting really soft and to top it off I am learning how to keep him in his gait. I had him in it for at least a mile tonite and then some more at different intervals. He responds real well to the bit and to my seat. He actually will stop on a dime if I have him bridled up, when I sit down in the saddle. I also have been working on teaching him to kneel. Well he will do to that alright. But now I want to teach him to stayd down long enough so that I can mount him and then have him stand up. Tonite, I kneeled hime 4 times and finally had time to put my foot in the stirrup before he got up so I think I am going to start mounting him this way most of the time. I want him to get used to it. he has such a willing heart. He can be a bit spooky about things, I took off my hat and waved it around him and he didn't like it so I kept it up til he settled down. Thing is, I have done that before and he had no trouble with it. All in all he is getting to be a pleasure to ride. He was moving so fast tonite I think Raven would have had to canter to keep up. I need to work with him alot on this getting into his gait because next week I have a Tennessee Walker coming that is a 7yr old gelding. The owner has had him to a trainer before but I guess he just wants more done with him. He also has an Appaloosa that he wants me to work with after this one. So it looks like I have my next two months booked for training horses. Neither one of these are starting them, it is just that he wants me to ride them alot and get them good an broke as much as I can in 30 days. Sounds like fun.

Sharon is canning tomatoes tonite and enjoying dancing with the stars.
I guess I will go watch a bit.

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