Friday, January 22, 2010

a good ride

Well today I had an opportunity to ride today. It was relaxing. I did some ground work with Raven and just worked at liberty with her to see she would exhibit any resistance, plus I wanted to work on her reading my body language to change gaits or even stop. I saw a bit on the movement of a horse with regards to their shoulder and how a bad fitting saddle could hinder them. It showed how to check the fit so when I saddled Raven I checked to make sure my saddle wouldn't inhibit her ability to mover her shoulder blades freely. After working her in the pen I took her across the road to an open area and practiced loping and lead changes in a circle for a few minutes. Then rode her down the road for a couple miles and worked on softness and leg yields and such. Boy was I glad to be out riding again. We ended with a smile and good attitude. Hopefully tomorrow I can get out again and work my horses.

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