Monday, January 25, 2010

tending horses

Just got back from a good meeting with the Ifca in Smyrna michigan. It was a good trip with the Norton's. Not anytime for working with the horses today. However, one of the things that horses remind me of is sheep. They have to be fed, they need to be led, and they need to be protected from themselves. They need to be fed so whether I feel like it or not I have to go up to the barn and make sure they get their hay and grain and have fresh water. This morning because of my trip north for the meeting I had to do that at 6:30am. They need to be led so that whenever I am around them they must know and respect me and what I want them to do. They need to go where I want them to go. If I want to come into the stall they need to move out of my way and face me. If I want to walk up to them they need to face and stand and either come to me or let me come to to them. If I am working with them, and whenever I am with them I am working with them even if it is simply walking up to them to pet or groom them, they need to follow my feel. I keep them in a pen and or in the barn for their protection so that they don't cause problems for neighbors or traffic etc. Those are just a few of the things I learned at the meeting today. No, it wasn't about horses at all. It was about pastoring or shepherding sheep. But I thought of the analogy to horses too. So when I got home from the meeting, even though I was tired and would have liked to just relax, guess where I went? Yep, I took the dog for a walk and then fed the horses and made sure they were alright. Now here I am typing this out. The thought crossed my mind while I was up feeding the horses that the first thing a person needs to learn when taking riding lessons is to learn the work involved in taking care of them, like shoveling manure or getting a load of hay, and such. If you enjoy that then get a horse. I am just rambling here, but I see so many people get a horse, have it for a while and then learn the cost and effort involved in taking care of them so they get out of it. I think there are people who get in the ministry thinking they are going to have it easy and fun, but when they find out working with people is hard work, they get out of it. I just know that if you haven't got a 'nose' for it (horses or people) then get out of it. As for me, I love the smell.
Gotta go get dinner for the wife.
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Pastor Roger May said...

Love your site, and the connection between the Spiritual and the physical! I really enjoyed talking with you at Smyrna, I'm going to forward this blog address to some folks in our Church. God bless you, Brother!