Thursday, January 28, 2010

new song

This is not one about horses so you will have to bear with me. I like all kinds of music, country, blues, jazz, rock to name a few genres. I used whistle all the time along with the songs playing on the radio in my truck or in my head. There was a time I would sit in rocker at home and rock to Sugar sugar, or Hey Jude. Now however, I rarely listen to music if I have my druthers. I follow behind my wife turning off the radio in whatever room she has been in. At night I have to turn the radio off after she goes to sleep, if I don't get caught and I almost never play music in my truck. I'm not against music mind you. I just don't like all the noise. I like being able to think while I drive, try to go to sleep or read, or just plan chill out. Now having said all that, I was reading my Bible this morning in Ps. 40:3, and of course, the Psalms is a book of songs. It said 'He put a new song in my mouth. . . .' Some people play the song that says, "slow dancin' swaying to the music' or 'I did it my way' or Hee Haw's 'woe is me'. What song plays in your head influencing your attitude of the day. Is it a dirge, an Eeyoric kind of tune that engenders pity? Is it one of those fast moving, bone jarring, ear rattling kind of songs that make you feel like you are bumbling down the road? Have you ever thought how the tune playing on repeat in your head can influence your day or the day of others. Look at the verse again. It not only says we have a new tune, but also that when it comes out of our mouths it has the power to change a persons life for the good, 'to trust in the Lord!' So I wonder what tune is coming out of your mouth? As for mine, it is going to be 'Great is Thy Faithfulness' or 'Hallellujah, what a Savior' or 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow'.  Be careful what you sing.
"I sing the mighty power of God . . . ."

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