Friday, January 8, 2010

It's cold out there

It is clear that you can tell what a person loves by what they are willing to do or sacrifice in order to do it. So you can tell I like my horses. I was out there with Jake for an hour. It was about all my toes could stand. My riding boots with two pair of socks just doesn't cut it. Jake really moved out though. The snow was about up to his knees in most places where we rode, which was just across the road in a field. I got him doing all sorts of exercises though, leg yield, moving his shoulders, and hindquarters. I had him doing some turns on the forehand and hindquarters. We trotted and had some really odd kind of gait as he was trying to get above the snow. I thought he would really be sweated up because he really had to work, but he wasn't. We did some sidepassing which can't be easy in knee deep snow even if it is cut down by other passes. All in all I would recommend that you get out and have some fun in the snow too. I am ready for Sharon to get home so we can go on our date night. I can assure you though it will not involve snow and horses.
God bless.

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