Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is kinda late, but thought I would post anyway. Yesterday I had an opportunity to ride Jake. I worked with him on the ground, really trying to get his attention while at liberty with him. I wanted to work alot on transitions just getting him to read my body language. It took a while but I was able to refine it alittle with him to move from a trot to a walk alot more consistently. It is easy to transition upwards, but to get him to slow down took me a while. And once again it is my fault. It is so subtle and slight the position to be in. If a am just ever so slightly to far back out of the 'sweet spot' then he reads that as keep going and maybe a little faster. To far forward and he wants to stop and turn around. So it is just a slight movement on my part. So I spent a good while just trying to get at that. But he did get it after probably 30 min. Of course we worked in both directions. When I was getting the transition consistently I quit and then rode him around. We went for a long ride and worked more on softness and leg and seat control. The rodes are getting pretty much so that I can walk on dirt instead of ice now if I stay on the sides. So we rode a a good three miles, but in addition to the round pen and work across the field we had a good hour and a half or two hour work out. I can't wait til this weather and conditions allows me to ride as much as I want to. The thing I have to be careful about is riding too much and not spending enough time with my wife. I don't want her to think I like the horses more. I don't. Or I would be in deep trouble. Anyway yesterday was a good day. Didn't get a chance to ride today, but got the rest I need for the week.
God bless

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