Friday, January 1, 2010

just chillin'

Hey, I was able to get out there again and ride Jake. My goal is to get in sync with these guys so that I don't have to do anything noticeable in order to get the horse do a movement. Today we worked on moving different zones of his body, shoulders, butt etc. The one thing I have to make sure of is that my body is not hindering his ability to interpret and do what I am asking him to do. I have to be in balance so that he can be in balance. He did real good. I worked him from the ground lungeing him at liberty and asking for a stop in which he faces me and then when I kiss to him he comes to me. I got a few steps from each direction. In the saddle I really worked on the zones and then stops and roll backs. I have begun doing what I call a clock exercise where I ask him to stop lift his front end and roll back on his hind end and turn 1/4 turn to 9, 6 and 3 and then back and walk forward a couple steps after each 1/4 turn then stop and ask again. I do this from both directions. This exercise will help me and him to communicate more clearly with each other. That is what I want with the Lord too. My goal is to be in tune with the Lord in such a way that I understand His clear communication to me regarding what I should think and do each day. I am mindful of God's evaluation of Enoch in Genesis 5:22-24. He walked with God so much so that it was as if they were one. If you saw Enoch it was as if you saw God or heard Him, because he walked with God so closely.
I walk our dog almost daily. He is on a leash and sometimes walks in front when I let him, but he is constantly looking back at me for leadership. If I slow down he 'feels' it not only in pace, but also down the leash. If I stop he 'feels' it and stops too, then sits down.
I want that in my walk with the Lord too. God wants that kind of relationship with you and me.
Horses sure have taught me alot about myself, my impatience, my jerkiness (my habit of not allowing any lag time from my cue to the horses processing of that cue and then actually doing it, or not), or my being to general in what I am asking (which is akin to beating around the bush). Take for example, asking Jake to lower his head while I am standing in front of him. All I want to do is rub his ears, but he has to completely trust me, or give himself to me in order for him to be willing to lower his head into my hands. Remember he is  a prey animal, a lowered head with my body and hands blocking his vision and ability to see danger and thus avoid it is a huge step of submission on his part. I have to remember that when I ask him to lower his head and give him time to process this. Anyway, life is getting better between us and I hope it improves. These things also apply in my relationship with the Lord as well as with my wife and other people. I just need to chill out sometimes and take things a little slower. It will have a more harmonious outcome. Now, what about you?

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