Monday, August 16, 2010

Camina 8

Had a good work out with her today. I went through the paces with her as before. Today I worked her mostly on the 22' line cause I wanted to control her if she started bucking at the canter and she did. She does fine at walk, trot in both directions, but as soon as I ask her to canter she will take a few strides and then go into a bucking frenzy to which I shut her down by disengaging her. Then I started to work on transitions from walk to trot and back to walk until she was doing that real good. Then I asked her to canter a few strides and slowed to trot before she started to buck. However, I wanted to keep stretching out the length of her canter and she would buck in both directions. She did settle down as we went on, but I am going to try without the saddle next time and see if she still bucks. After about 20 minutes of this I put the bridle on her and ground drove her around the arena changing directions several times and stopping and backing several times. She clearly has to get used to carrying the bit. She did a good job though. Actually, better than I expected. Finally, I got on her back and had her flex and disengage in both directions a few times and quit. I need to start letting her walk out a few steps next time and then disengage her.
I also had an opportunity to ride Jake today and Raven. Both did real good at what I was working on. I didn't want to get them in a sweat I just wanted to work on giving to my leg pressure on the shoulders, bridling up and just all around moving around with slight feel.
Raven I worked on haunches in and side pass. She responds with moving her hips, but I haven't yet got the hips to move over with her shaped in the same direction whether in a side pass or haunches in. I did figure out if I bring her up to the fence and shape her in the direction I want to go and then move her hips over in that direction she is starting to pick up on it. I had her doing it a few steps in each direction then it all imploded. So I walked her off and then came back and tried again. She gave me a few steps in each direction and I quit.
A Good night. But I sure do need more help with this. Hopefully another lesson in the near future.

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