Wednesday, August 4, 2010


That is how I would describe today's workout. You get a better lesson, faster progress the softer you can be or I can be. We did not have alot of time so wanted to just work with her as soft as I can and still get the desired result. I want it to be as if I am moving my feet when I move hers. I did a little ground work and then got in the saddle. I made it a game to see how subtle I could be and get her to do the desired move whether it was a backup, turn or change of gait. It worked rather well. What I really wanted to work on was getting her hips to move over real easy like. So we did a great amount of that with forward motion. I worked both sides and got her hips freed up real good then had to quit for sake of time. But it was a real good session as far as I was concerned.

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