Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camina day 6,7

This will be a condensed version of Thursday and Saturday's sessions. On Thursday I went through all the exercises as normal, I worked on the c-pattern/falling leaf exercise up and down the arena. I also worked on the sending exercise up against the rail. I didn't get a chance to work her like I would have liked. It was a short lesson due to time. However, sometimes having a short, but pointed lesson can be better for the relationship than a long drawn out lesson where too much is covered.
On Saturday I was able to really work her good. She stood for saddling then I started to work on some flexing but could tell she didn't want to stand still and really pay attention, so I moved her feet on the circle and had her changing directions, disengaging, moving her shoulders and follow me with two eyes. After a few of these she was more willing to stand quiet and let me flog her with kindness and work her on disengaging a lot. We went back to flexing on both sides and she is very soft. I took her through the falling leaf and the sending exercise and she was doing that real calm and soft. So I started to slap the stirrup leathers against the saddle on both sides and she was calm with that. So I got on and off her a few times. Then I stayed on and had her disengage and move her shoulders in a circle like that. Remember, I am not using a round pen so I don't want her going to many steps forward as of yet, without bending her. I did both sides. She almost fell while I was doing it to the right. She got her feet tangled up underneath her. But she got her balance and I continued. She then really stiffened up and started resisting strongly. I disengaged her one more time and got off. I began to work her on the ground again, using the tarp which she handled really good. She sniffed it and walked right across it a couple times and I stopped her on it too. Then I decided to take the halter off and
work her at liberty. She followed me for a bit then decided to strike out on her own so I got after her and sent her away. She galloped and bucked down the long wall and turned the corner and I got into position to keep her going and we did this a few times around. I had to run to her and keep her moving or send her in the original direction a few times as I cannot let her stop or make her own direction choice. But I was able to keep her going with only a second or two of break. I had her changing directions and she would buck a little bit then when she decided she needed to rest she lowered her head, looke at me and I let her back in towards me. Then she followed me and I had her going in a circle, switching directions, disengaging her hindquarters, moving her shoulders over, stopping and backing up, without any line at all except that invisible one that is called 'feel' and body language. We stopped after this and she stood to let me remove the saddle.
It was a real good session.
Hear is a picture of me on her rubbing her hindquarters. This is my ride on Saturday.

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