Friday, August 20, 2010

Figured it out

This was day 9 in Camina's training. My main goal today was to figure out why she was bucking everytime I asked her to canter on the long line. I first warmed her up with the daily exercises then I walked her around the arena and did a disengagement and moving shoulders over and walked off a few steps then repeated that all the way around. Then we did it in the other direction. This is what I will do when I am on her back and get her to start moving out. This will give her and Me confidence that I can control her feet when I am on her back. I don't have a round pen here so I don't want her going on a straight away bucking. I am also helping her work on softness laterally and vertically. When I did the disengaging exercise described above I had slack in the rein most of the time. She did well. I then did some sending exercises at spots in the arena she was spooked at. Then I put her on the long line and circled her at a walk. I began to transition her to trot and back to walk then to trot. (She doesn't have a saddle on at this point) I then asked her for a canter and she tossed her head a bit but no bucking, though she humped her back a little. I did this in both directions, of course. Then I put the saddle on without the flank cinch. Again she didn't like going into a canter but didn't buck. Then I put the flank cinch on and snugged it around her. When I asked her to canter I could tell she was going to buck and she did. I shut her down by disengaging her. Then I loosened the cinch a notch and asked her to canter and no bucking at all. So the issue was the flank cinch being too tight for her. After that I had her canter, trot, walk, walk, trot, canter a couple times in both directions. I put the bit in her mouth and then ground drove her around the arena doing lots of changing of directions and stopping and backing. then we quit. I flexed her a few times on each side and that was it for the day.

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