Friday, August 20, 2010


This was day 10 in our journey together. I saddled her right off and then put her through her paces. She was real calm and soft during all the flexing and such. I then did some warmup exercises just circling her at a walk in both directions. Then I strted disengaging and moving her shoulders. We went over to the wall and did the sending exercise then I walked her down the wall disengaging and moving her shoulders as we went. I went down by a tractor that is in the arena, she has shown some anxiousness around it so we did the sending exercise there for a while. Then brought her into the middle and did some walk trot tansitions on a circle. Then put the long line on her and did the same thing. When she was real calm transitioning from walk to trot and back to walk in both directions then I asked for canter. She did this no bucking at all and was really paying attention to me for upward and downward transitions. So I put the long reins on her with the bit and ground drove her all around the arena. She still is getting used to the bit so I just let her walk and was real careful not to pull too much on the rein to get a direction change or stop and back up. But she was doing that real good so I figured I would stop and flex her on both sides. Then I donned my helmet and got on her. I just let her stand and flexed her on both sides and then asked her to walk off. She did take a few steps forward then I bent her to a stop and then asked her to go again. I repeated this a couple times on both sides and firgured that was enough for today. She was calm and relaxed and I was too. Begin soft and calm and end the same way is the way I want to work through this.

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