Monday, July 1, 2013


I got started with the Arabs again. I got Moon out and used the outdoor paddock but it was quite slippery so I couldn't do what I was going to do. I instead did some gw with him and really got some good results. He is really stiff on the left side. So I really worked that side on the lunge and with flexing and got him pretty soft on that side. So I was able to review all the exercises with him. So Grand was the same situation. I reviewed all the gw exercises and he did really good. I will be ready to start ground driving him tomorrow. I also worked my horse Raven today. I have been ground driving her all last week after the clinic I went to and would ride her. I rode her today after some brief driving. I have a really good connection with her and can ride her without the reins. After I was finished I laid her down. It took about 3 times but she finally went down for me. I have been working up to that all last week having her kneel for me. When she laid down I let her stay there for about 15 minutes until she completely relaxed. Then I gave it a few more minutes and asked her to get up.

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