Friday, February 19, 2010

day 12

Oh boy! had the fun of playing with Raven again this evening, rather yesterday evening. I finally got the hang of the complete balanced turn on center from behind the drive line. I needed to pay attention to her softness and bend of her whole body and when my position lined up with hers then to draw her to me and across so that she switched sides and I could keep moving her feet over. We still have some practicing to do but mainly if I keep myself in position and get her prepared for the move it will happen.
Then I practiced sending her with the 22' line getting ready for ground driving. We are starting to get a good handle on this task. My main problem is my pen is too big and she can get going to fast for me to keep up. And my rope handling needs improvement. But we will get it. I can't tell you how much benefit I have realized there is from taking the time to work with her on the ground. She is so much more responsive and soft when I am on her. There is just a relaxing nature to it.
One other thing I restarted was asking her to kneel. She does it when I ask, but I upped the game with her. I don't let her up until the count of five and she is relaxed. My goal here is to ask her to kneel and to stay down so that I can get on then when I ask her to get up she will. So we will prgressively work on this.
Poor old Jake. I think he is feeling neglected because I haven't worked with him at all since I started this 30 day endeavor with Raven. He will get his turn though. I am going to do him next going through the same things.
Take it slow and easy today and you will have a more harmonious outcome.

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