Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 18

Yesterday I went out to Raven with a plan of going through several of all we had done and to move on to some new tasks. But plans change. First there was the weather. It was snowing and blowing so much around here that I was getting cold after about 30 minutes and I was bundled up and moving around alot. So what I had hoped would be an hour or hour and a half turned into about 50 minutes of work. Secondly, I began with doing some invisible round pen work since I had her in that mode. My plan was to go into the round pen and do some ground driving and such. But instead we just worked on getting her to trot around me at liberty. I worked with her on this alot. I found that sometimes it is best just to work on one thing rather than trying to do multiple things. I really wanted to get her good at sticking with me at the trot. She left me a few times and I had to bring her back. However, in the end she stuck with me. It is an exercise that I just have to keep working on. Then I wanted to have come towards me and follow me on a circle with my two sticks and she did that pretty good. She does it at the walk fine. I then wanted her to leg yield away from me while was doing this. I got a couple steps in each direction. Which brings me to the third reason my plans changed. It was slippery for me out there. So I could not move as confidently as I need to in order to do these tasks. I don't have 4 feet to help with balance. If one of mine slips I go down. So I finally had enough and we found a good place to stop with her coming toward me as I walked backwards.
Sometimes our plans change and we have to adapt. The Scripture says that that Lord directs our steps, Prov. 3:5,6 and so if I make plans I need to be flexible and move with Him rather than against Him. As I am trying to develop Raven to be a willing partner and follower of me so God wants me to be a willing follower of Him. Sometimes, rather than trying to accomplish alot you get alot more done by just getting one thing done well. That is what happened to me yesterday. Today it looks really white and cold. We got a couple inches last night, but at least today it is not blowing.
So be flexible today. Don't think you have to get it all done today.

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