Monday, February 1, 2010

day 3 of big idea

I am back peddling a little bit on the course tasks. I decided I wanted to refine what my horse is doing a little more. So I am working on the tasks esp. sending around the round pen, task 4 in cround school, where I have to transtion from stop to walk to trot to canter and back down in both directions without a lead line. I worked on that today till I got alot of improvement from Raven. The pen is slipper and choppy for her footing but she went up into a canter, but she slipped a few times so I didn't push it. I also wanted to work on refining my mounted tasks and more, esp. forward motion with transitions as above without using a rein. In fact, I did it with the rein on the saddle horn and even accomplished a collected stop and back up and turn on the hindquarters and disengagement then moving in other direction all without a rein. I think we have upped our game a notch. I am going to keep at it, hopefully daily, and improve even more. Some may think I am crazy since it is snowing and and maybe 25 degrees outside. I gotta admit my toes get cold. My goal is to work on this tues and wednesday then I will be gone til Friday evening and pick back up on Saturday. Then I will move up to the next course tasks.
Lots of fun in the snow.

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