Tuesday, February 2, 2010

day 4

today Raven and I went over the basics refining more of the round pen task of transitions and we did it not in the round pen, but in the other pen were the boundaries are farther. Just wanted to refine my body language and position more and to do it at the right time, like when she is looking at me for direction. We are connecting. Then we did the mounted tasks and those went real good, but again we upped the anty by doing it in the bigger pen so that I wouldn't have the round pen fence to keep her corraled. It forced me to use the rein a few more times, but she is getting used to it more and the footing is a little better. Even though it was warmer out, the footing was slippery so I really couldn't get her into an all out canter, though we did a few times working on transitions with my seat and legs. Did lots of leg yields and stops and back ups. However I find that I need to move on to the next course, cause we know these movements, they just need refined more. Gotta go get ready for a meeting.

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