Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 13

Well yesterday had a good time with Raven. I worked on all the tasks up this point. Then worked on the 1/2 balanced turn and got that down. Then worked on the complete balanced turn from behind the drive line. I finally figured out that it wasn't that I was looking for her feet to cross over but rather for her entire body to be soft with bend and head somewhat down and relaxed. Then to walk down the diagonal and she will follow me while crossing her feet and then shifting to the other side and keep the shoulder moving. It took me  awhile but I got her to do that. Then we quit. The next task I have wanted to deal with was the ground driving. So I hooked up the two lines and moved her off. She didn't like to switch sides at first but we kept at it and started to get more relaxed. I was able to move more behind her as if I was actually riding in a cart behind her. Then we just worked on getting a soft stop and changing directions. We did this for about 20 min. and then I got on her back and worked from the saddle and did all the tasks in the mounted class and most of the ones in the refined class accept the one requiring two riders and the figure 8. I am really excited to work on the next level after reading the tasks, because that is where I go bridleless and that is what I am working towards.
I will keep at it.
God bless

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