Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 16

I figured I better write this before it slips by me. I had a profitable time with Raven yesterday. I decided to just do a review of the tasks in the Movement course (3) before continuing on to the horseman's course (4) and the invisible round pen tasks. But I gotta tell you it is coming together nicely. I worked on the balanced turn on center from the ground and she does fine from the left side, but the right side is another story. Part of it is me, not getting out of the way so she can make a smooth transition, and part of it is that she doesn't like me on that side. It is just like us though. I am right handed, so don't ask me to write something with my left hand and be neat or to throw a ball with my left hand, I throw like a girl then. Raven just needs more work on that side. It is like this, God knows our weaknesses and strengths and usually has us work more on our weaknesses. The Apostle Paul said, 'When I am weak, that is when I am strong.' When we are aware of our weaknesses we depend more on Him for strength. So Raven has to depend on me on her weak side. So we will continue to work that side. When she can rest with me on that side that is when I know we have worked it enough for now, but it will always be something to come back to. I also did some more ground driving and she is getting more comfortable with that, switching sides and even givine me some leg yields, which I have to be able to get those consistently before I can move on from that exercise. She will get there it just takes time and persistence.  We did all the mounted tasks except for the gauntlet and ball tasks, because I don't have them. She is getting real soft and I am even have just dropped the reins and directed everything from transitions and directions with my leg and seat. We did pretty good, but we need more work here.
Finally, we did the invisible round pen tasks mentioned in an earlier post. She comes right to me and is looking at me when she moves around me. I can move her off with me and have her trot around me in a small circle. Today given the chance we are going to review the tasks 1-5 which she can do  and start working on task #6 which is -while facing horse-draw him to you at a walk & trot - in both directions. This is with me walking or trotting backwards on a circle and having the horse stay with me.
The last task for this class is 'from the driveline have horse canter around you in small circle.' But right now I cannot do this task because the snow pack is too icey. She slipped and almost fell the other day when I asked her to canter, so I have to wait until the footing is not so slippery for her.
All of these tasks are designed to make my communication with the horse as if we were one. As if my thoughts were her thoughts and she willingly does what I ask. Paul in Philippians 2:5 says, "let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." That is my goal, to have God's thoughts be my thoughts; to think the same way He thinks and in that way I can walk in tune or oneness with Him. My relationship with my horse simply mirrors that for me. I am not there yet, but it is a goal to go after and become.
So til next time, seek to walk in tune with God.

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