Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 17

Brrr! is it cold outside. I had a few minutes and thought I would work with Raven some. Got all bundled up and got the saddle out there and began to work with her. But I decided to not even saddle her up. Instead I worked on the invisible round pen tasks and refined them more. She was alot better even today sticking with me. No mind you this is all without a halter. I moved forward with her disengaged her changed intentions and changed sides. We moved forward disengaged 360 degrees not losing forward and then kept right on going. We did the 4th task having her at a walk and trot stay with me as we spiraled down into a smaller circle. Did task five which similar to task four only staying on the circle at walk and trot with me. I even have her backing up with me at the driveline which is task one from ground school. I worked mostly on task 6 while facing horse- drawhier to me at a walk and trot. I walk backwards in a circle with a stick in each hand beside her withers forming a vee with my arms and she walks towards me as I move backwards. I have her backing up too with my bubble. She does it well at a walk. We started to get the trot several steps and then stopped today. That was when I decided to not even saddle her. I didn't want her getting sweaty at all. Besides, it was a good place to quit. This is working so well, when I left the round pen she stood where I left her. I had to go back in a few minutes later and in a direct way release her from my leadership.
There are times when we just need a break from the everday. With a horse you might get something small accomplished and then quit for the day. It just seems like a good place to stop. But you come back the next day and make even more progress. It was that way in Jesus life. Repeatedly, I read in the gospels where Jesus went into the wilderness to pray, usually after a long day of people pulling on His time or when there is a big day ahead. One time after a night of prayer, He selected the apostles. That is good advice for us too. We need to get away and relax and pray or reflect and refresh. I do this daily in my devotions daily. Sometimes it looks like getting out and taking a walk with Brecht or if she is brave enough to weather the cold, Sharon. Sometimes I do my best learning just ruminating on some passage as I walk or drive or lay down and take a power nap. I advise you to do the same. Carve out a time where you can just relax and ruminate.
make time for R and R.

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